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5 Reasons to Buy a Rash Guard

Surfers have been using rash guard shirts to protect their skin from abrasions and rashes for dozens of years. They were originally designed to be worn underneath their wetsuits to protect the skin from rashes due to rubbing against the thick seams of old neoprene wet suits.

Wetsuit design and manufacturing has come a long way and while rash guards are no longer needed as a protective layer between a surfer’s skin and those old, heavy seams, they have grown in popularity with more and more people who have discovered they serve an even better purpose: UV protection.

More recently, rash guards have come out from hiding and now have their very own place in the skin care arsenal of almost anyone who is out in the sun because they offer incredible protection from UV rays.

They are now being made in lots of colors, styles and patterns, making fashion a statement as well as serving as a functional piece of clothing.

Here are 5 reasons why you should buy a rash guard:

1. UV protection – these days a high quality rash guard that’s made in the USA can provide you with SPF 150 protection from the harmful UVA and UVB rays of the sun. With skin cancer rates on the rise this can actually be life saving. Studies show that it’s the sunburns we get, (especially as kids), that have a cumulative effect and can become skin cancer later on in life.

2. Rash protection – rashguard shirts are designed to fit tight, like a second skin, so it’s almost like you have a second layer of protective skin covering your upper body. This means you will be protected from getting rashes and abrasions from activities and sports where your skin comes into contact with anything or anybody. From surfing, to beach volleyball to grappling and MMA – these rash shirts will let you keep your mind on your game or opponent and off of worrying about your skin.

3. Fashionable over up – do you have a flabby tummy or unsightly scars you’re embarrassed to have showing while you’re at the beach? A rash guard shirt can be a fashionable way to hide them from view while you enjoy swimming or other outdoor activities or sports.

4. Healthy alternative to sunscreen – with the SPF 150/UPF 50 protection of these shirts you can use less sunscreen and the harmful chemicals they contain. Studies have shown these chemicals not only harm us but also our environment by doing such things as bleaching and killing coral reefs. An added bonus is if you use less sunscreen there will also be less of those plastic bottles filling our landfills, plus you will actually save money since you won’t need to buy as much sunscreen.

5. Child safety – make your little ones easy to spot at the crowded beach, lake or pool with a bright color kids rash guard shirt. Colors such as yellow or red can make your children really stand out in a crowd. In addition you won’t have to track them down as often to smear more and more sunscreen since the SPF 150 of these shirts doesn’t wear off.

So for a small investment you can protect you and your family from the harmful, cancer causing UV rays of the sun, look hip and fashionable while you’re outdoors or at the beach, save money and our environment and keep your kids safe.

Those surfers who thought rash guards were only good to save their skin from the seams of their wetsuits had no idea what a terrific product they were hiding!

Fortunately modern manufacturers caught on and made these specialty shirts a trendy and fashionable way to protect the skin of everyone who plays outside these days.

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