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Rash Guards For Sports and Sun Protection

When the weather warms up many people enjoy getting out in the sun and participating in outdoor sports around the water including:

• surfing
• standup paddling
• body boarding
• kayaking/rafting/rowing
• snorkeling
• scuba diving
• swimming

Sometimes without realizing it people are subjecting their skin to damage caused by the sun’s harmful UV rays and abrasive rashes while participating in these outdoor sports. Wearing a rash guard can significantly decrease their chances of skin damage from both of these injuries.

A rash guard is a piece of UV protective clothing that helps prevent the sun’s harmful UV rays from reaching your skin and causing painful burns or blisters. They also protect your skin from irritating rashes you can get when you have wet skin rubbing against something such as a body board, life vest, surfboard, etc.

Our rash guards offer sun protection with a SPF 150 / UPF 50 protection level and will leave you with the peace of mind and confidence you need to really enjoy your favorite water sport or outdoor activity!

Made from a thin lycra material, rash guards are designed to be form fitting and comfortable ... never bulky and in the way. They are made to fit like a second skin so they run small and fit skin tight. This is to keep the material in place to better protect your skin from a rash and to keep the shirt from floating up in the water.

The material is smooth and comfortable as well lightweight, so it will never interfere with your performance. Whether you are swimming, boating, surfing, or just hanging out on the beach, rash guards can help reduce your risk of skin damage from the sun.

Be sure to checkout our mens rash guard, womens rash guard and kids rash guard selection.

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