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Womens Rash Guard Shirts - Fashionable Way to Protect Your Skin

Rash Guards for Women 

The hottest UV protection for women is here! Rash guard shirts are perfect for the beach, lake, park and even your own backyard. These SPF shirts protect you from cancer-causing UV rays and rashes.  These shirts were originally designed to go under a wet suit for added protection, but they are now used on their own. The basic rash guard has evolved into brilliant colors and is offered in a variety of colors and sizes, with more emphasis on looks and sun protection than the original wet suit use. 

Looking Stylish With Rash Guards 

Men have been using rash guards for a while now, but until recently, there simply weren’t many designs for women. Now there is a wide range of colors available that are female friendly. There are lots of sporty looks as well as more feminine designs. Women’s rash guards are meant to fit snug, so they are great for showing off your curves on the beach, while keeping your skin safe from the sun with a super high SPF of 150. This high SPF means you can be out in the water for hours without worrying about your skin instead of using  traditional sun block which needs to be frequently replaced if it is going to be effective at all. Rash guards come in so many colors that you can easily find one that goes with the swimwear you already own. Bikini bottoms look great with a fitted rashguard shirt to match and you will only have to worry about putting sun tan lotion on your legs and face! That eliminates the problem of protecting your back when nobody  is around to help. Plus, the UV protection works on your bikini top, too, keeping it from fading in the sun. 

More Uses for Rash Guards 

Womens rash guard shirts aren’t just for the water, they're  perfect for keeping you protected and looking great while playing sports outdoors. The sun’s UV rays can penetrate even heavy cloud cover, so you are really never safe from it's effects. Wearing a rash guard shirt keeps your skin from getting burned and protects you from grass or sand abrasions as well! Even if you don’t need the sun protection, rash guards do just what their name suggests . . . protect you from rashes caused by sports. That, coupled with their lightweight cloth that allows complete freedom of movement, makes them the ideal clothing to use for indoor sports as well. You can play sports and look great doing it! Another great reason to wear a rash guard shirt is that it's a more fashionable  way to hide your not-so-flat tummy instead of the usual baggy T-shirt at the beach. Many women go this route because a T-shirt tends to look like you are embarrassed and hiding something, while a rash guard just appears to be a hip way to look after your skin and keep skin cancer at bay. 

Rash guards for women are a great idea. They make staying safe fun, whether at a soccer game, surfing or just hanging out with the kids at the park. 

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